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Bena, a community that is situated about 16km from Bajawa at the foot of Mount Inerie, is the most famous and also most visited village in the Ngada district. With its impressive stone formations and ancestral shrines, as well as traditional houses, Bena has turned into a signpost for Ngada culture.

he village consists of two parallel rows of traditional, high thatch-roofed houses. Highly visible in the center of the village are ngadhu and bhaga, pairs of shrines – one for each clan of the village – representing the clan’s ancestors. The ngadhu is an anthropomorphic umbrella-like pole embodying the male ancestor of a clan. The trunk is decorated with carvings and is topped with a warrior-like figure. The ngadhu symbolizes fierceness and virility. After a new ngadhu has been carved out of a special tree, the men of the village carry the pole in a ceremonial way into the village.

The bhaga, a female ancestral clan shrine, is a small hut with a thatched roof that resembles a miniature of a traditional house. It symbolizes the sanctuary of the house and the female body. The bhaga offers enough space for one to two persons to hold rituals for female ancestors.

Another distinct feature of Ngada culture, of which Bena offers an awesome sight, are the megalithic formations in the village center. Megaliths are a means to connect with the supernatural realm and to communicate with the ancestors, often by animal sacrifice. As with the ngadhu and bhaga shrines, there is also a stone altar to every village clan. Additionally, a massive pile of flat stones, called lenggi, represents a court where the different clans of the village settle their legal disputes. If you look closer at the houses in Bena, you often find them decorated with skulls and horns of water buffaloes and pig jaws which were sacrificed at different ceremonies.


Visitors can buy locally crafted ikat, or tie-dyed woven cloth, in Bena. The sarong, which is a large tube of woven cloth, is often worn wrapped around the waist, both by men and women. The ikat weaving motifs range from animal patterns like horses, chickens, elephants, and the sacred ngadhu and bagha symbols.

At the end of the village, elevated on a small hill, a viewpoint with a Virgin Mary shrine gives you the opportunity to have a bird eye’s view over Bena and a wider view of the beautiful surrounding landscape, including Mount Inerie and the Savu Sea. The visit to Bena can also be combined with a hike that passes the villages of Tololela and Gurusina before ending at the Malanage Hot Springs.


The closest city is Bajawa. There, you can find various kinds of accommodation, restaurants, and shops.

How to get there

Bena can be reached easily from Bajawa by public or private transport. If you take your own car or motorbike, drive southwards on the Transflores ‘highway’. When you reach the WatujajiBus Station, take the road on the right to Langa Village. You will pass Borani, Mari, Langagedha, and other villages. Keep driving straight southwards, and you will pass the Kolokoa Primary School (SD Inpres Kolokoa). When you reach the junction, keep going straight and you will pass POLINDAS Desa Tiworiwu on the right side; just behind this is Luba Village. Then just drive straight for at least 300 meters to reach the popular village. The distance from the Watujaji Bus Station to Bena is approximately 11km.

Tinju Bersarung Tulang dan Paku ( Etu )

Etu adalah seremonial pagelaran tinju adat bertujuan menguji kejantanan antara pemuda di Kabupaten Nagekeo.” Etu ” yang artinya tinju adat dalam bahasa Lokal. Etu atau tinju adat ini berbeda dengan tinju konvesional. Para petarung menggunakan kepo  sebagai sarung tinjunya dan terbuat dari anyaman ijuk yang berisikan tulang dan terkadang paku, petarung hanya boleh memukul lawannya dengan tangan yang memakai kepo tersebut sedangkan tangan satunya hanya digunakan untuk menangkis.

Komodo Audax


Komodo Audax adalah kegiatan pertualangan bersepeda di Pulau Flores di Provinsi Nusa Tenggara Timur Indonesia. Komodo Audax adalah tingkat  tertinggi untuk pertualangan bersepeda di Indonesia, karena lokasi berspeda lebih dari 1000 tikungan, tanjakan, turunan yang memerlukan daya tahan tubuh yang kuat, keterampilan bersepeda yang mahir dan suhu udara setiap lokasi yang disinggahi tidak sama. Dari Kota Larantuka menuju Kota Labuan Bajo bagian barat Pulau Flores. Lokasi bersepeda sangat menantang dengan melewati lembah dan pegunungan dengan lokasi tertinggi 1414 di kota Ruteng. Dengan lalu lintas yang masih sepi dan udara masih segar akan membuat kegiatan bersepeda terasa nyaman dan sehat.

Logo Komodo Audax adalah sebuah gambar sepasang komodo yang sedang bersepeda dengan memakai pakaian warna-warna air Danau Kelimutu, memakai topi Tii Langga (topi khas Rote) dengan penuh gembira menjelajahi Pulau Flores menuju kedamaian.

Waktu Pelaksanaan

Negeri ini sangat indah untuk di jelajahi dengan sepeda, Komodo Audax adalah program wisata olahraga sepeda yang menjelajahi Pulau Flores dari Kota Larantuka ke Kota Maumere ke Kota Ende menuju Kota Bajawa menuju Kota Ruteng dan terakhir di Kota Labuanbajo.

Komodo Audax akan dilaksanakan pada setiap bulan Mei, bersepeda selama 5 hari  dengan jarak 700km & 1 Hari Tour di  Pulau Komodo. Info lengkap Komodo Audax